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Are you in search of BCA Final Year project that uses an algorithm?

Then you are in right place. Here in this article, we will explore some of the final year project ideas for BCA Eight semester & BCA Sixth Semester Students. 

The Syllabus itself makes clear that the project must use algorithms. Simple algorithms don’t make sense, you must use machine learning algorithms. 

Here is the list of final year projects for BCA sixth & Eight Semester Students.

  • Handwriting Recognition: You can build a machine learning project that can recognize and convert handwritten text into digital format.
  • Fraud Detection: Machine algorithm can detect fraudulent activities that can be in financial transactions.
  • Plant Disease Detection : It is a project that aims to automate the identification and diagnosis of disease in plants.
  • NLP based Chatbot : This project can be the excellent project idea for bca sixth & bca 8th semester students. You can develop a chatbot using machine learning algorithms that can understand and respond to natural language queries . 
  • Movie Recommendation System: Movie recommendation project in machine learning involves developing a system that can suggest the movies to users based on their preferences. 
  • Object Detection : Build a machine learning project that can detect the objects within images or with video streams. 
  • Sentiment Analysis : Develop a model that can analyze text data and determine the sentiment according to those texts and the sentiment can posses positive, negative or neutral. 

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