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BCA in Nepal | Fee structure | Eligibility | Scope & Syllabus​

If you want to study computer Science, you have made an excellent tech career by choosing the BCA course. This article will give you complete information on the course introduction, Fee structures, Scope & Syllabus.

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is one of Nepal’s most demanding &trending courses. Providing students with theoretical and technical knowledge is the goal of this program, which aims to meet the growing demand for staffing in the fields of Information Technology (IT). 

BCA is the four years program including eight semesters where each semester is of six months. It combines the study of software, hardware, management, accountancy, mathematical calculations, networking & society. 

The seventh semester is combined with an Internship program. Internship refers to the time to show off some skills to the companies the students had learned up to the seventh semester. 

Doing well by developing some skills and making a good portfolio will be a bonus point for you while doing an internship. For such students company can pay and provide the tasks later on you can get an internship certificate with that respective company.

Students must submit the project in the 4th, 6th & 8th semesters. The project can include software, mobile applications, and AI-based applications with proper documentation, including the relevant proposal, report & black binding

Fee structure Of BCA in Nepal

The Bachelors In Computer Application (BCA) fee structure varies among colleges. If we discuss the range, we can get a fee from 2.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs. The cost for a government college ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs. For the private college, it ranges from 5.5 to 8 lakhs. .

Eligible to get Enrolled in BCA Program

To be eligible to get admission for the BCA Course, the candidate must have the following requirements:

  • Minimum D grade in each subject of grades 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 2.0 or more


  • A minimum second division score marks 10+2, PCL, or equivalent in any discipline.


  • Students who have passed grade 11 and are waiting for grade 12 results can also apply. However, they must submit all the required documents during admission.

Things to know while Preparing BCA Entrance Exam

The entrance examination will be in the form of a Multiple Choice Question ( MCQ ). The questions asked in BCA Entrance Exam will be from Three Subjects. The total time for the exam will be 2 hours, Consisting of 100 total marks. You have to obtain at least 40 above to pass the entrance exam.

Here is the illustration for the Entrance Exam 

  • English – 40 questions
  • Mathematics – 50 questions
  • GK – 10 questions

Scope of BCA In Nepal

BCA has a significant scope in Nepal and Famous abroad countries like Australia, the USA, Canada, etc. The career opportunity for the BCA field lies in various areas such as Management, Database Administration, IT Officer, Network Administrator, Application / Software Developer, Web Developer, System Analyst, etc.

Here is the salary earned by the BCA Graduates Candidates in Nepal with working experience of 0 to 5 years.

BCA Jobs in Nepal Salary Range
IT Officer Rs.75000 (government)
Application Developer Rs.20000 to Rs.50000
Web Developer Rs.20000 to Rs.80000
Business Analyst Rs.20000 to Rs.90000
Digital Marketing Rs.15000 to Rs.90000
Network Adminstrator Rs.25000 to Rs.80000

Syllabus Of BCA in Nepal [ TU ]

Bachelor’s in computer applications (BCA) is a four-year course providing all sorts of knowledge in IT (information & Technology ) & management. It provides both theoretical & practical based, which enables students to solve a problem in the IT & management industry.

We have uploaded the BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) syllabus for the First to Eight semesters. You can download each subject syllabus below

Courses Credit Hours
Computer Application (Core Courses) 71 (4*2+3*21)
Elective Courses 12(3+3+3+3)
Mathematics and Statistics Courses 9(3+3+3)
Programming Language Courses 6(3+3)
Social Science and Management Courses 15(3+3+3+3+3)/td>
Project and Internships 13(2+2+6+3)
Total Credit Hours 126

First Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications 4
2 CACO102 Society and Technology 3
3 CAEN103 English-I 3
4 CAMT104 Mathematics I 3
5 CACS105 Digital LogicI 3

Second Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS151 C-Programming 4
2 CAAC152 Financial Accounting 3
3 CAEN153 English-II 3
4 CAMT154 Mathematics II 3
5 CACS155 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3

Third Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS201 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
2 CAST202 Probability and Statisticsy 3
3 CACS203 System Analysis and Design 3
4 CACS204 OOP in Java 3
5 CACS205 Web Technology 3

Fourth Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS251 Operating System 3
2 CACS252 Numerical Methods 3
3 CACS253 Software Engineering 3
4 CACS254 Scripting LanguageI 3
6 CAPJ256 Project-I 2
5 CACS255 Database Management System 3

Fifth Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS301 MIS and E-Business 3
2 CACS302 DotNet Technology 3
3 CACS303 Computer Networking 3
4 CAMG304 Introduction to Management 3
5 CACS305 Computer Graphics and Animation 3

Sixth Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS351 Mobile Programming 3
2 CACS352 Distributed System 3
3 CAEC353 Applied Economics 3
4 CACS354 Advanced Java Programming 3
5 CACS355 Network Programming 3
5 CAPJ356 Project II 2

Seventh Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CACS401 Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 3
2 CACS402 Cloud Computing 3
3 CAIN403 Internship 3
4 - Elective I 3
5 - Elective II 3

Eight Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CAOR451 Operational Research 4
2 CAPJ452 Project III 6
3 - Elective III 3
4 - Elective IV 3

List of Elective Subjects Seventh Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title
1 CACS404 Image Processing
2 CACS405 Database Administration
3 CACS406 Network Administration
4 CACS408 Advanced Dot Net Technology
5 CACS409 E-Governance
6 CACS410 Artificial Intelligence

List of Elective Subjects Eight Semester

S.N Course Code Course Title
1 CACS453 Database Programming
2 CACS454 Geographical Information System
3 CACS455 Data Analysis and Visualization
4 CACS456 Machine Learning
5 CACS457 Multimedia System
6 CACS458 Knowledge Engineering
7 CACS459 Information Security
8 CACS460 Internet of Things


Briefly, we have discussed the course content, syllabus, fee structure, scopes & job opportunities for BCA in Nepal.

I hope, you have liked our article.

If you have any queries, don’t forget to comment below. we will respond as soon as possible

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