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The BCA program is offered by a lot of colleges and universities in Nepal, and it usually takes four years to complete. This program is very popular among students who have an interest in using technology to make computer programs. It provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to work with computers and create software applications.

There are many well-known colleges and universities in Nepal that offer the BCA program, including Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, and Kathmandu University. The BCA program teaches students about computer-related topics like programming, creating websites, making computer graphics, and managing databases. It is a mix of both hands-on learning and classroom study.

Once students complete the BCA program in Nepal, they can choose to work in many different fields, such as making software, managing databases, creating websites, supervising computer networks, analyzing computer systems, and managing projects. In Nepal, there is a growing need for people who understand technology, so BCA graduates have a good chance of finding jobs in both government and private companies.

BCA In Nepal : Scope Of BCA in Nepal

 In Nepal, the BCA program teaches students about many different things related to computers. This includes topics like programming, managing databases, creating software, making websites, supervising computer networks, and designing computer graphics. These courses help students learn the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the computer application field.

In the past few years, Nepal has made a lot of progress in the field of information technology. This has led to many new companies starting up in this field. These companies are always looking for talented and skilled BCA graduates who can help them expand their business.

This means that the opportunities for BCA graduates in Nepal are quite good, and they have a bright future ahead of them. They can work in different areas like software development, database management, web development, network administration, system analysis, and project management. With the right skills and knowledge, BCA graduates can build successful careers and contribute to the growth of Nepal’s IT industry.

Major Scope Of BCA in Nepal Includes

  • Making software for different platforms as software developers.
  • Managing computer networks for companies and organizations
  • Managing data for organizations as database administrators.
  • Creating websites for businesses and organizations as web developers.
  • Improving computer systems to make them more efficient as system analysts
  • Overseeing different IT projects for companies and organizations as project managers.
  • Supervising computer networks for companies and organizations as network administrators.

BCA In Nepal : Fee Structure Of BCA in Nepal

If you’re interested in studying a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program in Nepal, it’s important to understand the costs involved. Different colleges and universities have different fee structures, so it’s crucial to research and compare them before making a decision.

Generally, the fees for a BCA program in Nepal range from around 200,000 to 700,000 Nepalese Rupees for the full four-year course. This fee includes tuition fees, examination fees, as well as other expenses such as library fees, computer lab fees, and admission fees.

However, the fee structure can vary depending on whether the institution is public or private. Public institutions typically have lower tuition fees, while private institutions tend to charge more.

Apart from tuition fees, there are other expenses to consider, such as the cost of textbooks, transportation, and accommodation. These expenses can vary depending on where the institution is located and your living arrangements.

It’s worth noting that there are several scholarship programs available for BCA students in Nepal. These scholarships can cover part or all of the tuition fees, depending on the eligibility criteria and the availability of funds.

Overall, the fee structure for the BCA program in Nepal is affordable and manageable, with options available for students from different financial backgrounds. It’s important to research and consider all the associated costs and scholarship opportunities before deciding where to pursue your BCA degree.

BCA In Nepal : Eligibility Criteria to Study BCA in Nepal

If you’re interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program in Nepal, it’s essential to know the eligibility criteria for admission.

The first and foremost requirement is to have completed your higher secondary education or 10+2 in any stream with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from a recognized board or university. Students who have studied mathematics as a subject in their higher secondary education are given preference during admission.

Some universities and colleges may also require you to have studied computer science or information technology as a subject in your higher secondary education. It is best to check the specific admission requirements of each institution before applying.

In addition to academic qualifications, some institutions may also conduct entrance exams for admission to their BCA program. The entrance exam generally includes multiple-choice questions on subjects such as mathematics, computer science, and general knowledge. A good score in the entrance exam can increase your chances of getting admission to your preferred institution.

Furthermore, some colleges and universities may also consider the performance in your previous education, extracurricular activities, and work experience during the admission process.

It’s important to note that some institutions may have additional eligibility criteria, such as age limits, citizenship requirements, and language proficiency. Therefore, it’s crucial to research the admission requirements of each institution beforehand.

In conclusion, to be eligible for admission to a BCA program in Nepal, you need to have completed your higher secondary education with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks and studied mathematics as a subject. Some institutions may also require you to have studied computer science or information technology. It’s important to check the specific admission requirements of each institution and prepare accordingly for the entrance exam.

BCA In Nepal : Entrance Preparation of BCA in Nepal

To get admission in BCA program in Nepal, students need to go through an entrance examination that usually consists of objective questions related to mathematics, computer science, English, and general knowledge. The examination duration is usually two to three hours, and the total marks vary depending on the institution.

The entrance examination for BCA in Nepal requires students to have a good understanding of mathematics and computer science fundamentals. To prepare for the entrance examination, students can refer to textbooks and practice papers. They can also enroll in coaching classes or online courses to get more structured and comprehensive preparation.

Some institutions in Nepal may also conduct interviews as part of the admission process. During the interview, the admission committee may ask questions related to the student’s motivation to pursue BCA and their future career aspirations in the field of computer applications.

It is important for students to prepare well for the entrance examination as it plays a significant role in determining their admission to a reputed institution. By understanding the examination pattern and focusing on the fundamentals, students can increase their chances of clearing the entrance examination and securing admission to their preferred institution.

It is advisable for students to start their entrance exam preparation early and allocate enough time for each subject. They should also practice time management skills to ensure that they can complete the examination within the allotted time. A strong entrance preparation will not only help students clear the examination but also provide them with a solid foundation for their future studies in BCA.

BCA In Nepal : Salary Of BCA Graduates in Nepal

If you have completed your BCA degree in Nepal, congratulations! You are now a part of a promising career field with good salary prospects and opportunities for growth. However, it’s important to know that your starting salary may vary depending on different factors.

On average, the starting salary for BCA graduates in Nepal is between 25,000 NPR to 40,000 NPR per month. But don’t be discouraged by this range, as it can vary depending on several factors, such as the industry you work in, the location of your job, and your level of experience.

For example, BCA graduates working in the IT sector can earn a higher starting salary compared to those in non-IT industries. It’s also worth noting that your salary can increase significantly as you gain more experience and develop new skills.

After a few years of experience, BCA graduates can earn a salary ranging from 50,000 NPR to 100,000 NPR per month. However, it’s important to note that the salary package may also depend on your performance and opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization.

But don’t stop at just your BCA degree! Pursuing further education and certifications can help you develop advanced skills and knowledge in your field, making you a valuable asset to potential employers. Certifications in specialized areas such as data analytics, cybersecurity, and software development can increase your earning potential even more.

In conclusion, the salary of a BCA graduate in Nepal is promising, but it’s important to keep developing your skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the job market. With dedication and hard work, BCA graduates can achieve a successful and fulfilling career in Nepal.

BCA In Nepal : Complete Syllabus Of BCA TU

The BCA syllabus includes a variety of subjects related to computer applications such as computer programming, software development, database management, web development, and computer networks. In addition, the syllabus also comprises general education courses such as mathematics, statistics, and business communication.

During the course, students will have to work on practical assignments and projects, which will help them apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in class. The syllabus is structured to provide a holistic understanding of computer applications and to equip students with the necessary skills for a career in the field of information technology.

The computer programming component of the syllabus will cover topics like algorithms, data structures, programming languages such as C and Java, and software development methodologies. In database management, students will learn about database design, SQL, and database administration. Web development will cover topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and computer networks will include topics such as network architecture, network protocols, and network security.

Here is the Complete Syllabus

First Year


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CASC101Computer Fundamentals and Applications444
2CASO102Society and Technology33
3CAEN103English I331
4CAMT104Mathematics I3311
5CASC105Digital Logic332
 Total 161627


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CASC151C programming4413
2CAAC152Financial Accounting3311
3CAEN153English II331
4CAMT154Mathematics II3311
5CASC155Microprocessor and Comp. Architecture3312
 Total 161657

Second Year


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CACS201Data Structure and Algorithms333
2CAST202Probability and Statistics3311
3CACS203System Analysis and Design331
4CACS204OOP in Java3312
5CACS205Web Technology333
 Total 151539


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CACS 251Operating System3312
2CACS 252Numerical Methods3312
3CACS 253Software Engineering331
4CACS 254Scripting Language333
5CACS 255Database Management System3312
6CAPj256Project I24
 Total 1715413

Third Year


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CACS301MIS and e-Business332
2CACS302DotNet Technology333
3CACS303Computer Networking332
4CAMG304Introduction to Management331
5CACS305Computer Graphics and Animation3312
 Total 151529


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CACS351Mobile Programming333
2CACS352Distributed System331
3CACS353Applied Economics331
4CACS354Advanced Java Programming333
5CACS355Network Programming332
6CAPj356Project II24
 Total 1715212

Fourth Year


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CACS401Cyber Law and Professional Ethics331
2CACS402Cloud Computing333
4N/AElective I33
5N/AElective II33
 Total 151213


S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab Hours
1CAOR451Operations Research331
2CAPj452Project III612
3N/AElective III33
4N/AElective IV33
 Total 159112

Aside from these technical subjects, the syllabus also includes general education courses that will improve students’ critical thinking, communication, and mathematical abilities. Business communication will help students develop their communication skills, while mathematics and statistics will provide students with a solid foundation in quantitative reasoning.

Overall, the BCA syllabus aims to provide students with a broad-based education in computer applications and related fields, preparing them for a fulfilling career in the rapidly evolving and ever-expanding field of information technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About BCA

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is a three-year undergraduate program that provides students with knowledge and skills related to computer applications and prepares them for a career in the field of information technology.

To be eligible for BCA in Nepal, a candidate must have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) in any stream with a minimum of 45% marks.

The entrance exam for BCA in Nepal typically consists of objective questions related to mathematics, computer science, English, and general knowledge. The duration of the examination is usually two to three hours, and the total marks vary depending on the institution.

The starting salary of a BCA graduate in Nepal can vary based on various factors, such as the organization they work for, the location of the job, and their level of experience. On average, the starting salary for BCA graduates in Nepal can range from 25,000 NPR to 40,000 NPR per month.

The BCA syllabus in Nepal covers a range of topics related to computer applications, including computer programming, software development, database management, web development, and computer networks. The syllabus also includes general education courses such as mathematics, statistics, and business communication.

The BCA course in Nepal is a four-year undergraduate program. It is divided into eight semesters, with each semester lasting for six months.

BCA graduates in Nepal can pursue a variety of career paths in the field of information technology, such as software development, web development, database management, network administration, IT Officer, Digital Marketing Computer Operator and cybersecurity. They can work in various industries, including IT companies, banks, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

List Of BCA Colleges In Nepal

1. Sagarmatha Multiple College
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu

2. Ambition Academy
Address: Sahabhagita Marga, Kathmandu

3. National Integrated College
Address: Gurju Marga, Kathmandu

4. St. Lawrence College
Address: Chabahil, Kathmandu

5. Nesfield International College
Address: Batukbhairabsthan, Lagankhel Lalitpur

6. National College(NACOL)
Address: Nayabazar, Kathmandu

7. Everest Innovative College
Address: Soalteemode, Kalimati, Kathmandu

8. Ojashwi College
Address: Kumaripati, Lalitpur

9. Pinnacle College
Address: Lagankhel, Lalitpur

10. Jaya Multiple Campus
Address: Makalbari, kathmandu

11. Henry Ford International College (Nepalaya College)
Address: Kalanki, Kathmandu

12. Morgan International College
Address: Basundhara, Kathmandu

13. K & K International College
Address: Baneshwor, Kathmandu

14. Texas International College
Address: Chabahil, Kathmandu

15. Swastik College
Address: Char Dobato, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

16. Samajik College
Address: Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

17. Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology
Address: Sanepa, Lalitpur

18. Orchid International College
Address: Gaushala, Bijaychowk, Kathmandu

19. New Summit College
Address: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

20. Nagarjuna College of Information Technology
Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

21. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
Address: Balkumari, Lalitpur

22. Himalaya College of Engineering
Address: Chysal, Lalitpur

23. College of Applied Business (CAB)
Address: Chabahil, Kaathmandu

24. Kathmandu BernHardt College
Address: Bafal (Ring road Kalanki) Kathmandu

25. Asian School of Management
Address: Gongabu, Kathmandu

26. ACHS College of IT and Computer Science
Address: Putalisadak, Dhobidhara, Kathmandu

26. Xavier International College
Address: Kalopoul, Kathmandu

27. Greenfield National College
Address: Sitapaila, Kathmandu

28. The Times International College
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu

29. Golden Gate International College
Address: Old Baneshwor, Battisputali, Kathmandu

30. Dibyabhumi Multiple College
Address: Kupondole, Lalitpur

31. Lalitpur Engineering College
Chakupat, PatanDhoka Lalitpur

32. Nepal Mega College
Babarmahal, Kathmandu

33. Bridgewater International College
Sinamangal, Kathmandu

34. Padmashree International College
Tinkune, Kathmandu

35. Kathmandu College of Central State
Soalteemode, Kalimati Kathmandu

36. Samriddhi College
Lokanthali-16 Bhaktapur

37. Janamaitri Multiple Campus
Kuleshwor Kathmandu

38. Madan Bhandari Memorial College
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

39. Kathmandu Business Campus
Milantole, Tokha Road, Kathmandu

40. Prime College
Naya Bazar, Khusibu, Kathmandu

41. Patan NISTHA Campus
Bakhundole -03, Lalitpur

42. Arunima College
Bauddha, Kathmandu

43. United College
Kumaripati, Lalitpur

44. Universal College
Shantinagar, Kathmandu

45. Whitefield International College
Nayabazaar, Town Planning, Kathmandu

46. Caribbean College of Management
Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur, Nepal

47. Reliance College
Saraswotinagar, Chabahil Kathmandu

48. Kathmandu Model College (KMC)
Balkumari Lalitpur

49. Birendra Multiple Campus
Bharatpur, Chitwan

50. Patan Multiple Campus
Patan Dhoka Lalitpur

51. Bhairahawa Multiple Campus
Bhairahawa Rupandehi

52. Doti Multiple Campus
Silgadhi Doti

53. Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj
Nepalgunj-13, Bhansar Road, Banke

54. Mechi Multiple Campus
Bhadrapur, Jhapa

55. Padmakanya Campus
Bagbazar Kathmandu

56. Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus (RR Campus)
Pradashani Marga, Kathmandu

57. Samarpan Academy Institute of Crisis Management Studies
Dhumbarahi -4 Kathmandu

58. Thames International College
Address: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

59. Triton International College
Address: Subhidhanagar, Kathmandu

60. DAV College
Address: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

61. Advanced College Of Engineering & Management
Address: Kupondole, Lalitpur

62. Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology
Address: Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

63. AADIM National College
Address: Chabahil, Chuchchepati, Kathmandu

64. Kathmandu College of Technology (KCT)
Address: Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

65. Nihareeka College
Address: Bargachhi, Biratnagar

66. Himalayan College of Learning Excellence (HICOLE)
Address: Siphal, Kathmandu

67. Martyr Ramnath Multiple (MRM) Campus
Address: Banasthali, Kathmandu

68. National Infotech College
Address: Shiromani Tole , Birgunj

69. Everest College
Address: Thapathali, Kathmandu

70. Butwal Kalika Campus
Address: Butwal-12 Rupandehi

71. Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus
Address: Biratnagar- 16, Morang

72. Maiya Devi Girl’s College
Address: Bharatpur-10, Chitwan

73. Pascal National College
Address: Saatdobato, Lalitpur

74. Rainbow International College
Address: Dallu, Kathmandu

75. AIMS International College
Address: Lagankhel, Lalitpur

76. Ambikeshwari College
Address: Ghorahi-11 Dang-Deukhuri

77. Arniko Multiple Campus
Address: Satdobato Kathmandu

78. Banke Bageshwori College
Address: Nepalgunj, Banke

79. Birat Kshitiz College
Address: Biratnagar-3, Morang

80. Capital college and Research Center (CCRC)
Address: Balkumari Bridge, Kathmandu

81. Damak Multiple Campus
Address: Damak, Jhapa

82. Divya Gyan College
Address: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

83. Everest International College (EIC)
Address: Soaltee Mode, Kathmandu

84. Ganeshman Singh (GMS) Multiple Campus
Address: Kalimati, Kathmandu

85. GP Koirala Memorial College
Address: Chabhil, Kathmandu

86. Gyan Deep College
Address: Tulsipur Dang-Deukhuri

87. Hetauda City College
Address: Kantirajpath-4 Makwanpur

88. Hetauda School of Management
Address: Hetauda-4 Makwanpur

89. Himalaya Darshan College
Address: Biratnagar, Morang

90. Indreni College
Address: Bharatpur-11 Chitwan

91. Itahari Namuna College
Address: Itahari Sunsari

92. Jana Bhawana Campus
Address: Chapagaun Lalitpur

93. Janajyoti Multiple Campus Mahendra Nagar
Address: Bhimdattnagar-18, Kanchanpur

94. Jaya Multiple Campus
Address: Gokarneshwo-08, Makalbari, Kathmandu

95. Kabhre Multiple Campus
Address: Banepa, Kavrepalanchok

96. Kathmandu National College
Address: Koteshwor, Kathmandu

97. Kathmandu Shiksha Campus
Address: Satungal, Kathmandu

98. Koshi Saint James College
Address: Itahari-8, Sunsari

99. Lumbini Academic College
Address: Chabhil, Kathmandu

100. Lumbini ICT College
Address: Gaindakot, Nawalparasi

101. Mega National College
Address: Kumaripati, Lalitpur

102. Milton International College
Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

103. Model Campus, Damak
Address: Damak-10, Jhapa

104. Model Multiple College
Address: Janakpur, Dhanusa

105. National College of Computer Studies(NCCS)
Address: Paknajol Kathmandu

106. Nav Kshitiz Campus
Address: Bardibas 8, Mahottari

107. Nepalgunj College
Address: Nepalgunj, Banke

108. Nepal Kasthamandap College
Address: Kalanki, Kathmandu

109. Nepathya College
Address: Tilottama, Rupandehi

110. NIMS College
Address: Lagankhel, Lalitpur

111. NIST College Banepa
Address: Banepa-4, Kavrepalanchok

112. Pashupati Multiple Campus
Address: Chabhil, Kathmandu

113. Sahara Campus
Address: Birendranagar-08, Surkhet

114. Saptagandaki Multiple Campus
Address: Bharatpur, Chitwan

115. Shaheed Smarak College
Address: Bakhanpur, Chitwan

116. Shwoyambhu International College
Address: Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu

117. Southwestern State College
Address: Basundhara, Kathmandu

118. Sungava College
Address: Khairahani-6, Chitwan

119. Tinau Technical College
Address: Janakinagar, Rupandehi

120. Trinity International College
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu

121. Vedas College
Address: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

122. Vishwa Adarsha College
Address: Itahari Sunsari

123. Youth Campus
Address: Janakpur, Dhanusa

124. Saraswati Multiple Campus
Address: Thamel, Kathmandu

In conclusion, BCA is a four-year undergraduate course in Nepal that is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computer applications. The course covers a range of topics related to software development, programming, database management, web development, and computer networks.

Throughout the course, students are required to complete practical assignments and projects to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned.

BCA in Nepal is a promising course that can lead to a successful career in the field of information technology, with opportunities for growth and advancement.

With the increasing demand for skilled IT professionals in Nepal, BCA can be a valuable course for students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field

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