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Top 7 Programming Languages To Learn In Nepal

Being a technical student, it is very crucial to learn programming languages. 

Students can learn the programming concept & application development approach only by following & doing mastery on any one programming language. 

Later, they can switch to any other programming language, making it easier to adopt the new one.

For this article, we have selected the top 8 programming languages to learn in Nepal [2022]. These languages were chosen based on top trending & consisting of the excellent Job opportunity inside Nepal or in abroad countries.

Let’s dive deep into the article below.

List of top 7 programming languages to learn in Nepal

  1. Python Programming Language
  2. Java Programming Language
  3. Javascript
  4. Flutter
  5. .Net Programming
  6. PHP
  7. Swift
1. Python Programming Language:
Python programming language - bca tu

Due to its massive libraries, accessible syntax features, and toolkits, it became easy to learn and is the most widespread & trending programming language all over the world. It consists of its frameworks (Django, Flask, Falcon, Dash, CubicWeb, etc.)

Also, it is one of the best programming languages to start from a beginner to a professional level. Due to its simplicity, it is beginner friendly as well. 

Common Uses Python is used in AI (Artificial Intelligence ), Machine Learning, Data Science, Web development, and GUI development.

Pros of learning Python

* Python is easy to learn & read.

* Enhances Productivity 

* Has a vast collection of Libraries

* It’s free, open-source & has a huge community.

* Most importantly, Python is a portable programming language

Cons of learning Python

* Speed limitations

* Not much strong with mobile computing

* Can have run-time errors. 

* It’s not easy to test

* Students must know the basic concepts of mathematics

2. Java Programming Language:
learn java programming in nepal

Java programming is an Object-oriented high-level programming language. It Has a broader range of development applications & JAVA surrounds the android community. 

Most interestingly, java is a loosely coupled programming language, meaning programs written in JAV can run on any platform supporting JAVA. Hence it is described as WORA ( write once read anywhere ). 

Common Uses: Java programming Language is used in business applications & most widely in the Android mobile operating system.

Pros of learning Java Programming

* Java is Simple

* Secure Programming language

* Platform Independent

* Supports Multithreading

* Provides efficient memory allocation strategy.

* Massive community support

Cons of Java Programming

* Slow

* No Backup

* Complex Code 

* Less Machine Iterative

3. Javascript
learn javascript in nepal,

To build interactive websites for users, Javascript is one of the popular scripting languages. Front-end development is never complete without using javascript.

Moreover, we can use frameworks such as jquery, angular js, React, Vue Js, etc.

Common Uses: Mostly used in mobile application & website development. Node js allows the development of browser-based applications. 

Pros of learning Javascript Programming

* Simplicity

* Rich Interfaces

* Extended Functionality

* Versatility 

* Less Overhead

Cons of JavaScript Programming

* Lack of Debugging Facility

* Single code error can cause rendering to stop

* Supports single inheritance

* Browsers must support javascript

4. Flutter
flutter in nepal, flutter developers in nepal

Flutter is the UI development kit developed by Google and is mainly used to create cross-platform applications that run on different platforms with a single code base.

Flutter uses dart programming language, which is similar to javascript. One familiar with javascript & Python can quickly learn the Flutter framework. 

Common Uses: Used in creating UI, which is natively compiled for mobile, web, & for desktop with the single code based. 

Pros of learning Flutter

* Enables to make instant changes in the application. 

* Application development in flutter is fast & easy

* With a single code-based, we can develop the application for web, mobile & desktop

* Applications developed using flutter are light & smooth.

Cons of JavaScript Programming

* Community is not so huge

* Fewer resources 

* Must learn dart programming as it is not much popular though

* Older version code might not work correctly in newly updated versions.

5 .Net Framework
learn .net technology in nepal

.net Framework is the software development platform introduced by Microsoft for building a wide range of web, windows & mobile-based applications .Net Framework can work with c#,, and c++. Etc.

The first version of the .net Framework was released in 2002 AD. This version was called .net framework 1.0. As it supports multiple programming languages mentioned above, the developers can choose the language for development according to their needs. 

Common Uses: .net Framework is used to develop mobile, web & window-based applications. 

Pros of learning .net Framework

* It has a vast community 

* Applications built from the .net Framework are cost-effective 

* Have the feature of cross-platform design 

* Based on object-oriented 

* Consists of flexible deployment & easy maintenance

Cons of .net Framework

* Limited object-relational support

* Difficulty in the transition of .NET core

6. PHP
learn php in nepal,

Php stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, a server-side scripting language used to build dynamic web pages. PHP is an older programming language it benefits the large ecosystem of users for frameworks & libraries. 

The most popular content management system, WordPress, is built with PHP. It consists of popular frameworks such as laravel, CodeIgniter, Cakephp, etc. 

Common Uses: PHP is commonly used for CMS, followed by large tech giants such as Wikipedia & Facebook.

Pros of learning PHP

* Helps to manage code easily

* Powerful library support

* User friendly 

* Has a huge  community 

* It is platform independent 

* Helps in reusing an equivalent code so that developers don’t require to write lengthy codes. 

Cons of PHP

* It is not suitable for large projects. 

* The use of more features of PHP can cause poor performance

* Lack of dedicated libraries for modern needs

* Security flaws

7.Swift Programming Language
learn swift programming in nepal

Swift is another popular programming language developed by Apple. Mainly used for creating applications for Apple’s devices like the iPhone, iPad, & watch too. 

Swift consists of user-friendly syntax & its code run quickly. It is used for both client & server-side development. 

Common Uses: meaningful use of swift is to develop applications for IOS & MacOs. 

Pros of learning swift

* The improved speed performance of development & consist of security

* Applications can build up rapidly using swift

* Automatic memory management with Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

Cons of swift

* Can only be used in newer versions of IOS 7

* Being a newer programming language, the code can be unstable 

* Incomplete cross-platform support

* Lack of support for earlier IOS Versions.


So that’s the topic we covered hope you have liked our article. If you have any queries please let us know by commenting down below, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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